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Minecraft PE 1.16.10
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Minecraft PE 1.16.10

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Last week we explored Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE, betas that contained a few but important changes. Minecraft PE 1.16.10 is another version bringing one single fix. The reason for its release was not even connected to we have seen it in a previous version too. This version/article was actually released for a message that might change your life as a Minecraft PE user in case you are using a mobile device to play.
Starting with October 2020, Minecraft will stop supporting some devices, namely older ones where MCPE is supportable in the present time.
Thus, if you recognize yourself in one of the categories enlisted below, we suggest you make an effort and acquire a newer device to get a lot of future game-related advantages.

Affected categories:

  • Players that use Gear VR to play Minecraft PE
  • Players using Windows 10 and having less than 768MB of RAM
  • Players using Android devices that have less than 768MB of RAM
  • Players using iOS 10 or below
  • Players using DirectX 10.1 or below video cards

In case you are using any of the above-listed devices to play your favorite game, you will soon receive a prompt letting you know that no updates are available for you anymore.
We understand your feelings in case you are one of such users but please, look at this from a different angle. Take it as an opportunity to make yourself a present and start a new MCPE life without lags and with better game-related features.
And now, let us tell you about the hotfix mentioned in the beginning: the developers resolved the issue related to broken trading screen slots. This bug used to affect only the mobile device users.
To download this update, click on the button below the article but first we recommend you watch the video trailer below.
Please be generous and share the news with all your friends and leave feedback letting us know about your opinion on this ( unexpected ) news.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.16.10

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    23 July 2020 10:18
    For those who didn't know this only works in mobile
    26 July 2020 18:33
    Can you download minecraft from in ios
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