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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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This week the Mojang team rocks: only a few days after the release of the previous beta that is Minecraft PE, they developed a new one: Minecraft PE This is due to the fact that they, along with the most loyal players detected more bugs and could not leave them without attention.
Because this is not a full version, be careful about the features specific to betas, namely backing up your builds before installing the current one, making copies of the worlds built in it because you won’t be able to access them using an earlier version and prevent your friends using full versions and Realms that you won’t have access to them while trying

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • The crash provoked by the loom blocks used with resource packs with a high resolution was resolved
  • A bug related to chunks making them become 100% air was fixed
  • On PlayStation 4, players will be able to host up to eight players starting with this update
  • The /clear command was fixed and now removes the blocks properly
  • Some Nether mobs may spawn together with their weapons now
  • Another bug affecting the PS 4 users was resolved. The bug had relation to the Hot Tourist Destination achievement not unlocking even after visiting all the required destinations in the Nether
  • The problem preventing users to place beehives from their inventory after updating the game was fixed
  • The problem preventing userss to place bee nests from their inventory after updating the game was fixed
  • An issue related to the trading screen blocks of the iOS users was fixed
  • On controller, you can now unselect an already selected recipe if hovering over it in the recipe book
  • Now you can also hover over a recipe and it will be shown in the crafting grid in case you didn’t select any recipes
  • Now you can see the selected item’s tooltip name in the crafting input grid if you hover over it

You can explore for free all the above-mentioned changes by clicking on the download button below the video trailer.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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    La papulince Bv
    19 July 2020 05:39
    Esta chida, n t voy a mentir, se lo ve bastante fresco
    Ender vamp 435
    22 July 2020 05:50
    Semangat untuk mojang/Microsoft dalam mengembangkan Minecraft
    22 July 2020 12:31
    weres the download button
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