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Minecraft PE 1.14.20
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Minecraft PE 1.14.20

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This year started with a couple of new game beta versions, Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE Both of them featured just several crash and bug fixes, so the version we will present to you today, that is Minecraft PE 1.14.20 is a nice surprise, not only thanks to the promptness of its release but also thanks to the list of changes, which is slightly longer than the lists we already got used to.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Before getting to the fixes, we must warn you that this beta is not available for the Switch players yet, but the developers promise to fix this issue in no time.
And now, let’s see what’s new in
This time, the developers, along with the MCPE users, detected a big number of crashes that had to be removed.
  • Like always, several crashes that used to occur during the gameplay
  • A crash occurring when a Switch user made an attempt to load in an MCPE world
  • Two crashes mentioned in Minecraft PE, and, to be exact, the ones occurring when the player placed a locator map together with a compass into the crafting grid and when the player tried to travel through a Nether Portal accompanied by one or more entities.
  • Crashes related to the conversion of worlds in MCPE
  • A crash affecting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users when they tried to load a specific world from the Marketplace

More fixes:

  • Now, if you choose a specific classic skin, it will be maintained even after you reload your game.
  • An issue preventing files from being imported for the iOS 13 users was fixed
  • The issues related to the LittleBigPlanet world in case MCPE is installed from a disc were fixed
  • The Chroma Hills textures can now be loaded by the Switch users too
  • The split-screen problem/solution mentioned in
  • The projectile, honey block/piston and bees flying in and out when the beehive is on fire-related problems/fixes mentioned in Minecraft PE
  • Mobs can now spawn even under transparent blocks
  • The wolf-breeding problems were fixed
  • The parrots that are sitting on the player’s shoulder are now transitioned after the world is converted
  • The Pillagers will attack players after a world conversion now
  • Another issue preventing players from getting a Bad Omen effect after a world conversion was fixed
  • If a Shulker Box is undyed, it will keep its color after a world conversion
  • The tooltip of the honey bottles was corrected
  • Tridents unstoppably bouncing on the sides of honey blocks were fixed
  • If a Switch player purchases Realms, he/she will now receive a confirmation prompt
  • A text related problem occurring when using different window resolutions in the Marketplace was fixed
  • The issue related to the front textures of beehives and nests, whenever they are set using the setblock command was fixed
  • The detect argument does not get broken if defining an execute command
  • Problems preventing some behavior pack animations from working on Android devices was fixed
  • The sensing component will now help mobs see their targets on Y axes.
  • The players will now rotate and teleport normally
  • The order of the “on-exit” and “on-entry” was corrected
  • The entities’ particle space will inherit the locator’s bone rotation now.

As you can easily see by looking at the list above, there is a lot to explore in Minecraft PE 1.14.20, so hurry up and push the download button below the video provided below, share the news with your in-game pals and have fun!
Don’t forget to follow our webpage for the freshest news related to your favorite game and for occasional surprises, for example, Minecraft Earth which is more than popular among the MCPE users. Have a nice time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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