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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The latest releases, namely Minecraft PE 1.19.11 and Minecraft PE did not bring too many changes and even if they were helpful, the fans hope to discover some new features and maybe a bigger number of interesting updates. We hope that the beta that was released yesterday, that is Minecraft PE, will bring more joy.

Vanilla Parity in Minecraft Bedrock

First of all, we will enlist the Vanilla Parity changes, because the game developers focused on them more than on the rest of the features. These are:
  • Players who use the Creative game mode or the Spectator mode do not get attacked by endermen
  • Some collision boxes of certain entities were adjusted
  • The enchanting table emits sounds when at work
  • Certain sounds made by the amethyst blocks were canceled
  • The generation of sculk sensors and shriekers was adjusted
  • The melons’ texture was corrected
  • The cat heads, namely their position was corrected
  • Players see special popup animation every time when they place items to a stack
  • Villagers who have nametags will have them shown together with their trading tiers
  • Spectator Mode users cannot interact with sculk sensors when they are swimming
  • Spectator Mode users are able to unhook hooks when required
  • Spectator Mode users do not get moved when an explosion happens nearby
  • Spectator Mode users cannot make snow powder produce particles while walking in it
  • Spectator Mode users cannot make big dripleaves tilt by touching them
  • Spectator Mode users cannot tempt animals by holding food items
  • Spectator Mode users cannot break minecarts and boats with the touch controls
  • Spectator Mode users present no interest to pufferfish

Other changes:

  • Players may use commands to place mud brick slabs as top slabs
  • The animations made by pistons in different situations were updated
  • Wooden shields can be fixed by using warped, crimson, and mangrove planks
  • The TTS does not read Marketplace errors when it shouldn’t
  • The allay’s lead does not break when its master travels to another dimension
  • Goats move their heads in a different way than before when ramming
  • The game does not crash when players are loaded into beds
  • The leather items that are enchanted have better textures
  • The raid bar does not lag or get stuck when beds are broken in order to stop a raid

Minecraft PE

These are the most important changes you will discover by installing the current beta, but there are also several technical updates that may serve you well in case you are also a content creator.
For more details about, we recommend you take a look at the video trailer displayed below.
Please be kind and share the news about this release with other players so they can enjoy it too.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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