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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Only several hours ago we were telling you about Addon Summoning Staffs – Make Mobs Fight For You and we already got many good reviews about it. If you didn’t manage to try it yet, you can postpone this for later, because now we have more important news for you, that is the release of another awesome new version called Minecraft PE

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This beta, just like the one presented last week (Minecraft PE brings a very impressive list of changes. Like we always do, we will tell you about the most noticeable ones:

Wild Update-related features:

  • Sculk sensors are able to detect more kinds of vibrations, including those made when: opening the chest from a chest boat, consuming milk, collecting powdered snow using a bucket, entities interacting with such snow, and equipping certain things on armor stands
  • Sculk sensors are not able to detect the vibrations made when walking on or interacting in any other way with a carpet, when carpets and wool fall on the ground, when jumping on wool (in case it is covered with sculk veins), when standing on scaffolding, when someone equips more than one item while spawning.
  • Sculk sensors get occluded by wood
  • Sculk sensors, shriekers, wardens, and allays, memorize all the vibrations they detect
    Minecraft PE

  • Sculk shriekers do not summon wardens under the water anymore
  • Wardens are able to spawn on more types of blocks
  • The reduction of enchantment damage won’t save you from the warden’s sonic boom anymore
  • Mangrove propagules make other kinds of sounds and are immune to flowing water
  • Sculk vein features can be found at a different level than before
  • Mangrove leaves stack correctly when broken with silk touch-enchanted tools and shears
  • Mud and other blocks from the Mangrove biome can be used to plant berry bushes

The Spectator Mode:

  • The effects obtained during the gameplay do not work on spectators
    Spectators are not able to provoke raids in a village

Other changes:

  • You can get experience by transforming certain kinds of tools into nuggets
  • You can teleport entities even to areas with unloaded chunks and this won’t make them disappear
  • The game does not crash if you use the fishing rod in certain scenarios
  • Your hitbox will reset correctly if you die when swimming
  • More kinds of planks, including mangrove ones, are suitable for repairing tools
  • The text from the emote wheel of the character creator was adjusted
  • The character’s creator dressing room can be accessed and used normally
  • Several texture-related issues affecting the world and gameplay when playing in splitscreen were resolved
  • Multiple issues affecting and created by fog were resolved
  • The TTS reads the word “minecoins” correctly
  • Villagers flee away from zoglins when zombified
  • Wandering traders consume milk when attempting to heal the effect of invisibility affecting them
  • Withers destroy obsidian blocks when attacked
  • You will be able to see the reason of your death when or if this situation occurs
  • The positions of certain tips and buttons in the death screen were changed
  • All the worlds made with templates cancel any existing achievements
  • The behavior and position of entities when entering and leaving the nether portal were corrected
  • By using a shovel, you can break muddy mangrove roots quicker than in any other way. This is also available for mangrove roots when broken using axes
  • A couple of crashes happening when you die because of withering and when you exit the game during a dimension transit process (in multiplayer) were fixed.

Dear friends, as you can see, we described lots of changes but there is even more information to find out about this beta. You can learn more by watching the video trailer.
After exploring the current version, you are welcome to return to our website and check our collection of maps, textures, and other surprises. Also, do not forget about the cool addon we mentioned at the beginning of this article! Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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