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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The last several days we discussed Minecraft PE 1.17.11 and Minecraft PE but in one of the articles, we mentioned that there are three new game updates to discover. If you are curious to find out about what’s new in Minecraft PE, that is the third new beta, continue reading the article.

Updates in Minecraft

Just like with the previous beta, we will enlist what the game developers managed to carry out for They have:
  • Fixed a big number of crashes or inaccessibility issues, the most serious of them occurring in case the player downloads Marketplace worlds that are very big in size
  • Modified the way players behave in relation to their beds in order to avoid damage, to reduce texture and animation-related bugs, and to make it similar to the Java edition of Minecraft
  • Canceled the ability of mob spawners to emit light
  • Canceled the ability of mobs that usually burn under the sunlight to avoid this process by standing near powder snow
  • Fixed a bug making the loading process infinite when the player clicks on the “see pack in store” in the dressing room
  • Corrected the resource pack item category colors because they did not match with the item colors
  • Corrected the patterns in the loom because in certain situations they were displayed incorrectly
  • Added a BlockPartVisibilityComponent that can be used only with the Experimental features on
  • Modified the documentation for the DamageableItemComponent
  • Added DragonFX materials

The last three features may be interesting for the addon creators and for the map makers. They will also discover that the game developers fixed several issues that could affect their activity.
Minecraft PE

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