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Minecraft PE

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The last several weeks we had the chance to enjoy awesome new features brought by Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE The update that was released today, that is Minecraft PE brings nothing new, but instead, it contains a big number of important fixes.
Before enlisting them, let us warn you that this is a beta, so please back up your existing worlds before installing it if you are planning to access them in the future. Also, note that the builds created in a beta are not representative of a full version quality and that beta players cannot play in Realms and with people using full versions.

Fixes in Minecraft

This week, the MCPE developers carried out the following actions:
  • Resolved many crashes, among which one that used to occur if the anti-aliasing is one and the MCPE user tries to access his/her achievements screen
  • Corrected the screen reader that failed to read the “create character” button normally. This is available also for the “edit character” button.
  • Resolved a problem preventing the player from using a certain tool after using it for breaking blocks
    Minecraft PE

  • Resolved an issue affecting the ticks not working on the changing states of certain blocks, this preventing crops from growing and provoking other similar situations
  • Fixed a texture-related bug affecting the alignment of the dried kelp blocks
  • Resolved a problem affecting the snow blocks occurring when stacking them
  • Made the underwater TNT launch players if they play in Survival

  • Resolved a bug preventing certain achievement names and their descriptions from being translated in other languages
  • Resolved the problem of the online/offline status of other players from being updated something about this changes
  • Resolved o problem making the achievement rewards show incorrectly in case the user modifies his/her language settings
  • Resolved a problem that used to mix up the skins in diverse categories when the player is not online
  • Introduced new links that are displayed during the gameplay
  • Resolved a graphical problem making spawn eggs of goats look incorrectly in certain situations, for example when they are held by the player

  • Adjusted the screen resolution that used to flicker when the player resizes the window
  • Resolved a bug making entities that use ‘blending’ material states render incorrectly in certain situations
  • Resolved a few bugs affecting the data-driven blocks, including the one occurring when they are pushed by a piston
  • Added an offset component for some items to give the user the possibility to change the way they render

In addition to all the above-listed fixes, the MCPE team also improved the technical side of the game by making changes in regards to the component variables and some custom blocks. They also resolved a very serious problem that used to affect the behavior animation controllers in the popular “Dragons!” world.
Dear players, if you want to find out more detailed information about the present beta, we invite you to watch the video trailer below.
Be a good friend and share the good news about this week’s release with all your friends and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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