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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Dear friends, last week we had the chance to try Minecraft PE which was a beta with a very modest list of fixes. To be frank, we were waiting for more, hoping that there will be more interesting features in a future update and this happened. Minecraft PE brought us two great new features, that is dripstones and sculk sensors introduced as experimental features. Because these features are freshly-introduced, there are still many issues related to them, but we are sure the hard-working MCPE developers will fix them soon. For now, let-see what these features are about.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Dripstones are cone-shaped blocks that you can find in your creative inventory. The player can place them either on the ground or the ceilings, this way forming stalagmites and/or stalactites. Be careful not to fall on such blocks, because this can provoke really serious fall damage. When forming stalactites, dripstones have dripping lava and/or water animations. If there are mobs below the stalactites, this is a good chance to get rid of them at once by breaking the ceiling above them. This way, it will fall and injure everyone who stands underneath.
    Minecraft PE

  • Sculk Sensors are sensors that detect vibrations on an eight-block radius around them. When these sensors detect a vibration produced by a physical motion, they will get activated and will vibrate for forty game ticks, which is about two seconds. For now, the sculk sensors are sensitive to the next motions:
    • Stepping
    • Placing blocks
    • Destroying blocks
    • Swimming
    • Elytra free falling
    • Ground hitting
    • Projectile shooting
    • Splashing

    The MCPE developers promise to introduce more motions that make sensors activate soon. If you are careful enough and sneak, you can avoid the sculk sensors activating, but we must warn you that they are very tricky. These sensors do not activate when a signal is already traveling towards them. There are still a few issues about this feature too, but we are sure they will be fixed very soon so we can enjoy it to the max.

Besides the development of the above-described features, the MCPE developers also had to work on several detected problems:
  • Fixed the issue of the pork chop trophy and achievement getting stuck at 50%
  • Fixed a bug where foxes do not harvest berries
  • Fixed the bug of the “download templates” not downloading the necessary templates when clicking on it
  • Players won’t be able to place spawn eggs by default in Adventure game mode now
  • Fixed the issue of certain marketplace worlds not containing the correct block data, this occurring when playing in Realms or multiplayer between PC and mobile
  • Fixed a crash happening when MCstructure files are saved with entities and these are being loaded into the game
  • Fixed the issue of “SetBlock” event not supporting the custom block states
  • Fixed the issue of command /setblock not supporting the rotation state for the chain block
  • Fixed the issue of command /setblock not supporting the connected state of the soul-lantern

Dear players, even if there are still so many issues to fix, the MCPE developers released this beta that we cannot wait to try. Please do not forget to make copies of your existing builds before installing it and mind that while trying a beta, you cannot play in Realms or with your friends who use full versions.
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