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Map GHP's Custom Raft Survival 1.16
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Map GHP's Custom Raft Survival 1.16

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It has been a while since we didn’t try new maps, so today we will give you the opportunity to experience something exciting. Map GHP's Custom Raft Survival challenges us to spend some time and try to survive in the middle of the ocean, all alone and with almost no resources.

How to play at map GHP's Custom Raft Survival

Initially, your player will spawn in the middle of the ocean on a tiny floating board.
Map GHP's Custom Raft Survival 1.16

Next to you, there will be a barrel that contains several apples, some cobweb, and a fishing rod. Even if the barrel’s content does not look very promising, it represents your only chance to survive.

It is up to you to decide how to use the things from the barrel. The only condition is not to despair.

In a recent update, the map maker improved the fishing loot table (see picture below)

If you want to accept this challenge, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions and click on the download button below this article.
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