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Map Basic SkyBlock 1.14
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Map Basic SkyBlock 1.14

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If you are an active visitor of our website and you like Skyblock games, you have probably already tried Map Omega Skyblock, Map Extreme Skyblock and other games of this kind. We hope you liked them because today you can try a brand new one called Map Basic SkyBlock.

How to play at map Basic SkyBlock

If you played such games in the past, then you are already familiar with the rules and general features. In this map, like in other similar ones, the player spawns on a floating island containing just a few blocks in the middle of the void.
Map Basic SkyBlock 1.14

The target is to use the given blocks reasonably and to resolve the proposed challenges.
To make the experience more fun, the map maker introduced a chest with secret loot, a snow biome, a dungeon, a cave, and a few other minor features.

If you are ready to start the adventure, click on the free download button below, share this article with other players, and leave feedback.
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