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Texture Pack MazinPack 1.13
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Texture Pack MazinPack 1.13

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If you like using good but unpretentious texture packs, probably you have already tried some of the MazinPack versions, for example, Texture Pack MazinPack Ultra HD or Texture Pack MazinPack Sharp. Today we will show you one more update, the last one in this series: Texture Pack MazinPack.

Features of Textures MazinPack

This is an 8x8 texture pack. In this update, the developer retextured a lot more blocks and other in-game elements among which the Nether and End Bricks, the Prismarine, the Stone Bricks, and much more.
Another nice surprise is that he added an incredible number of new sounds for many mobs among which for the dolphins, parrots, etc and for such elements like the sand, explosions, wood, and much more.

To find out all this amazing texture’s features, click on the download button below, share the article with other players and leave feedback.
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