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Texture Pack PatarHD 70K Subs PvP 1.13
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Texture Pack PatarHD 70K Subs PvP 1.13

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Last week we introduced our dear subscribers to several awesome texture packs, including Texture Pack Diecies 40K Subs Pvp developed particularly for PvP games. Today you will have the chance to install and try an even better PvP-oriented pack called Texture Pack PatarHD 70K Subs PvP.

Features of Textures PatarHD 70K Subs PvP

This texture pack, like we already mentioned, is developed to make the PvP experience in Minecraft PE better and more qualitative.
Besides the textures and graphics of the armor, weapons, items and other features, it modifies the main menu and the player’s user interface.

If you like playing PvP but wouldn't mind an even better graphical quality of your game, do click on the download button and try this pack.
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