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Texture Pack Robo’s Gem 1.14
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Texture Pack Robo’s Gem 1.14

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If you think that Texture Pack Robo’s Gem just brings a pile of precious gems and gives it to you, you are not quite right. The creator of this pack retextured the ores we usually find in the overworld to look like real gems, so even if their features will not change, the ores we already got used to will look like pretty gems now.

How does Texture Pack Robo’s Gem work

Everything is simple about this pack. As soon as you install it, the listed below ores will transform into gems:
  • The coal ores
  • The iron ores
  • The gold ores
  • The lapis ores
  • The diamond ores
  • The redstone ores
  • The emerald ores

If you want the ores in your Minecraft world to look like in the picture above, click on the download button and see what it’s like for yourself.
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