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Minecraft PE

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Before getting to the new changes, let us tell you a few words about Minecraft PE By the fix list size, it is slightly smaller than Minecraft PE but definitely more complex than Minecraft PE, even if it contains only fixes, no noticeable changes, or new features., like the previous two versions, is a beta that will replace your existing Minecraft world, so please back up your builds to avoid losing them. Also, mind that the worlds build in this beta cannot be accessed using earlier versions, so it is recommendable to save copies of them too.
Unfortunately, while trying it, you won’t be able to play with non-beta users and in Realms and the builds created in might not be as stable as those that would be created in a full game version, but until then, let us see what its features are.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

Inevitably, one more crash was detected. This time it used to occur every time the player attempted to stack different types of slab together. Of course, the crash was removed, but of course, this is not the only problem the developers had to work on.
  • The quotation marks were removed from the tips displayed on the load screen
  • Reduced the number of ambient sounds in the Nether
  • Several blocks were renamed in order to reflect their modified names
  • The shape of the hopper hitbox was modified
  • Because the Android users did not see the “Change Emote” button, it was added for these devices
  • The name of one music disk was modified because initially it was written in a wrong way
  • The Nether sprouts item will not extend beyond the item frames anymore
  • The cave mobs will not be considered as earth mobs now
  • There are more recipes to use for crafting Nether wood
  • The Nether wood crafting recipes cannot burn in a furnace anymore
  • The rain will be able to extinguish fire now
  • A new craft recipe for creating chains was added
  • The soul fire is accompanied by a new sound now
  • Players can smelt golden ores in furnaces
  • The player can smelt golden ores in blast furnaces
  • When the players smelt ancient debris, they will get XP now
  • The player can use a stonecutter to craft polished basalt now
  • By using basalt blocks in crafting recipes, the player will obtain the right number of blocks back
  • The warped stems will not replace other blocks now
  • The crimson stems will not replace other blocks now
  • Shields became dispensable now
  • The fortune enchantment is applicable again now
  • Melon blocks will now grow under observers
  • Pumpkin blocks will now grow under observers
  • The Ender Dragon will not continue resetting after exiting and coming back to fights now
  • The number of cats spawning in villages was adjusted
  • When moving down blocks, the hoglins won’t spin uncontrollably from now on
  • The problem preventing mobs that sit in a boat to attack was removed
  • The problem preventing mobs that sit in a minecart to attack was removed
  • The spawn rate of some Nether mobs was tweaked
  • The behavior of the piglins when equipping their armor was corrected
  • Zombie Piglins will not be affected by fire anymore
  • The Wither skeletons will render armor properly now
  • The problem related to the bees’ was fixed (they used to get stuck when flying under stairs)
  • The hitbox size of the baby striders was modified
  • The head size of the baby hoglins was modified
  • The armor made from netherite can now be equipped properly by mobs
  • In Peaceful difficulty mode, there will be no more piglins
  • Endermen will now appear in the soulsand valleys too
  • When hoglins turn into zombified hoglins, aka zoglins, the player will hear the right sound.
  • The chests in Nether portals contain fire charges
  • The bastion looting tables were improved
  • Ruined portals won’t spawn as often as they did before
  • The problem preventing walls from connecting properly inside a generated structure was fixed
  • The spawn eggs for hoglin and piglin will look like those in the Java edition of the game now
  • The gold tools will now render properly when held and examined by piglins
  • When walking, the texture of the piglin’s arms is correct now
  • A problem related to the iOS user keyboard was fixed

This is more or less everything you will discover if you choose to try the present beta. Please share the good news with other MCPE players and leave feedback to let us know about your opinion on it.
Follow our website to always be up to date with the newest game versions and with a lot of other Minecraft-related surpises. Have a great time!

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