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Texture Pack Biroj 1.13
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Texture Pack Biroj 1.13

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Today we will introduce a simple 16x texture pack that is going to slightly improve your custom vanilla textures. This packs is called Texture Pack Biroj.

Features of Textures Biroj

This texture pack is not going to change your worlds to an unrecognizable state, but it will still modify a bit the standard vanilla textures, design making your world simpler, but better looking. By introducing small modifications of different MCPE world details, like for example the size of the celestial bodies or the glowstone textures, the creator made the world as a whole look better.

To try these textures, click on the download button, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
If you like simple and small-sized textures like the one described above, we also recommend you to try Texture Pack Minuscule and Texture Pack Simple Textures.
To make sure that you can use any of the downloads offered by our website, we recommend you to install one of the latest game versions, for example, Minecraft PE 1.16, which is the freshest and probably the best version you ever saw. Have a great time!

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