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Texture Pack TBIO-2 Azure 1.13
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Texture Pack TBIO-2 Azure 1.13

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Our subscribers have the possibility to make their MCPE worlds more vibrant and realistic thanks to textures like Texture Pack UltraMax Shader or Texture Pack Bettercraft, but if you want to go the other way and return the old-style simple textures, with fewer details but making your gameplay smoother, you should try Texture Pack TBIO-2 Azure.

Features of Textures TBIO-2 Azure

This pack was developed not only to modify your MCPE world but also your user interface. It is rather small in size (x16) but it contains a lot of details, making almost all of the existent items and blocks more cartoon-like and less detailed. Thanks to its size, the users of any devices can enjoy it without fearing that it might provoke any issues related to a lack of memory or crashes.

There are two available variants of this texture pack: Textures TBIO-2 Azure and Textures TBIO-2 Azure NI. The first one is the ordinary version and the second forbids any isotropic block textures as seen in the picture below.

Pick any version you want to try, click on the download button below and enjoy it.
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