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Texture Pack LBT Shader 1.14
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Texture Pack LBT Shader 1.14

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The most recent update of Texture Pack LBT Shader is called The End Dimension Update. Its creator named it like this for a good reason: because it makes the End much more interesting. Even so, he did not ignore the Overworld and the Nether, adding some updates for these dimensions too. This way your entire world, including all the dimensions, will become more vibrant and beautiful.

How does Texture Pack LBT Shader work

The pictures below display what the dimensions in your Bedrock world can look like if you choose to install this texture pack:
  • The End
    Texture Pack LBT Shader 1.14

  • The Nether

  • The Overworld

You will have the chance to notice all the carried-out improvements regardless of the weather and time of the day.
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