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Texture Pack Skylec Shader 1.16.100
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Texture Pack Skylec Shader 1.16.100

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Our website gives its subscribers and guests the possibility to try dozens of beautiful shaders. Today we have another great one for you and this is Texture Pack Skylec Shader.

How does Texture Pack Skylec Shader work

In complex, all the pack’s features promise to provide a very beautiful Minecraft PE world environment. Install it and you will get:
  • Clearer and more realistic water textures
  • Underwater light reflection
  • Animated waves
  • Waving leaves and grass
  • Realistic-looking clouds
  • Smoother tone map colors
  • Better shadows

Below you can see how the world looks before and after applying these fantastic shaders, but if this proof is not enough for you, we suggest you watch the video trailer below this article.
Texture Pack Skylec Shader 1.16.100

To download Texture Pack Skylec Shader, use the free button below the video trailer and if you like it, be generous and share the article with other players and leave feedback.
Visit us to discover more game-related articles, including the latest game versions. We recommend you check Minecraft PE, this being the freshest beta. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Texture Pack Skylec Shader

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