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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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You won’t regret reading this article because we will tell you everything about the new game beta, that is Minecraft PE, and we assure you that there is a lot to learn. Like Minecraft PE released last week, this update brings many interesting changes and fixes. Thanks to them our gameplay will be even more fascinating, especially given the fact that many features that had an experimental status only several weeks ago are now officially world elements.

New features in Minecraft

In our opinion, the most noticeable feature brought by this update is the fact that during the gaming world generation, aquifers with lava will be placed under the ground.
You will also discover that:
  • You will get warned if you attempt loading an earlier MCPE world that contain features that used to be experimental into a new game update where these are not experimental anymore
  • All the experimental builds will have a special label
  • The Bedrock world creation screens contain information about all the experimental features
  • Axolotls are better textured and won’t be able to attack mobs that are invisible anymore
  • The bug making tamed axolotls change their color when they are extracted from the bucket was fixed
  • There will be a special tooltip showing when holding spy glasses
  • There will be a special tooltip showing when collecting lava and powder snow with buckets
  • There will be a special tooltip showing when transferring lava and powder snow from buckets to cauldrons
  • The wrong animation of amethyst buds and clusters was corrected (when breaking them)
  • There are fewer amethyst geodes in the gaming world
  • The bug preventing azalea from transforming into trees when bonemealed was fixed (this is also available for its flowering variant)
  • The textures of deepslate and all its variants have been improved
  • Pick blocking small dripleaves is possible now
  • Small dripleaves will turn into two or more blocks height big dripleaves when bonemealed
  • Mobs won’t have problems pathfindinding around pointed dripstones
  • The bug not letting glow squids despawn like any other mob that spawns in a natural way was fixed
  • You can obtain glowing squid eggs by pick blocking glowing squids (only in Creative)
  • Skeleton traps won’t be triggered by lightning rods when these are hit by lightning
  • You cannot place many blocks on top of powdered snow
  • Walls do not get connected to powdered snow anymore (this is also available for fences)
  • Powdered snow won’t turn invisible when you get extinguished by it and by something else simultaneously
  • The transformation sound of skeletons turning into strays was corrected
  • Withers won’t be affected by powder snow anymore (won’t get freezing effect)
  • The bug preventing bees from going inside their nests was fixed
  • Bees will ignore berry bushes when collecting nectar
  • The issue of iron/gold ores not dropping anything when you mine them was resolved
  • You can pick up separate parts of item stacks without worrying that the rest of it (stack) gets attached and drops
  • The view bobbing for shields, bows, and other things was fixed

In addition to these fixes and changes, the MCPE developers also performed a number of technical tweaks.
Minecraft PE

We are sure you can’t wait to install and try this update, but before doing this, it is our duty to warn you that you should make copies of your existing game world because otherwise, you will lose them forever (the beta is going to replace your work in progress). Also note that while trying a beta version, you can play neither in Realms nor with non-beta players.
You must agree that the changes brought by this release are pretty interesting, so share this article with other players so they can learn about them too and leave feedback to let us know about your opinion on them.
Continue to follow our website and we promise we will notify you about all the upcoming game versions promptly. This will also give you the possibility to try a lot of maps, textures, and other game-related surprises for free. Have fun!

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