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Texture Pack Defined PBR 1.16.200
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Texture Pack Defined PBR 1.16.200

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If you want to enjoy beautiful, bright, and vibrant graphics in your Minecraft Bedrock world, try Texture Pack Defined PBR. This is a ray-tracing-based pack that improves the blocks, environment, items, and the rest of the game features to an incredible state.

Features of Textures Defined PBR

This pack uses ray tracing and modifies almost all there is to modify in a custom Bedrock world, including:
  • The particle transparency
    Texture Pack Defined PBR 1.16.200

  • Ores (now they will glow like never before)

  • World luminosity

  • Fog

  • Grass

  • All kinds of doors
  • All kinds of blocks
  • Normal and sticky pistons
  • Normal and blast furnaces
  • Dispensers
  • Smokers

We can talk about all this pack’s qualities forever, but the best way to understand how it can modify your world is to take a look at the screenshots below.

To download this amazing texture pack, just click on the button below the article, but before doing that, you must make sure that you:
  1. Have installed one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.16.200)
  2. Have Ray Tracing capable graphics card
  3. Have eight GB of RAM or more

We hope you have everything necessary to try this pack because it is definitely worth it.
For more textures, visit our website. Here you will also find many other game-related articles with free download buttons, so follow us and have fun!

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