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Texture Pack Seed Bags 1.16.101
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Texture Pack Seed Bags 1.16.101

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There are a lot of spectacular packs in our Textures section, for example, Texture Pack DIG for Bedrock which improves everything related to the gaming world to an unbelievable state. Texture Pack Seed Bags does nothing like that. It is a simple pack that has just one aim: to modify the textures of the vanilla seeds.

How does Texture Pack Seed Bags work

After installing this texture pack, all the seeds, including wheat, beetroot, watermelon, and others will be transferred in pretty little bags designed exclusively for the player to keep his/her seeds.
Texture Pack Seed Bags 1.16.101

If you want to try this pack and start keeping all your seeds in accurate bags, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions and hit the download button below.
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