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Texture Pack Biroj 1.16
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Texture Pack Biroj 1.16

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Our subscribers are already familiar with Texture Pack Biroj, but this year, its creator decided to improve them by introducing some new features. The new Texture Pack Biroj has the same concept as the earlier one, that is to slightly improve the vanilla textures, but since MCPE has gone through a lot of changes since the first release, he had to keep up to date too.

Changelog in textures Biroj

In the most recent update of this pack, you will notice some new features, but its core remains the same. The texture still aim to improve the vanilla textures.
Today, in addition to the features you already know about, you will discover some new ones, but don’t expect any fantastic and drastic changes.
Below you can see several screenshots that will help you get a better idea of this pack.
Texture Pack Biroj 1.16

In case you have installed the earlier version of this texture pack, we suggest you remove it before installing the present one. Also, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or a later game version.
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