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Texture Pack Voxel Shaders 1.14
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Texture Pack Voxel Shaders 1.14

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Texture Pack Voxel Shaders will make your Bedrock world finer, more colorful, and realistic, even if you are using a low-end device for playing.
We already showed our subscribers many shaders to make their MCPE worlds better and more beautiful, for example Texture Pack OSC Shaders or Texture Pack ESTN Shaders Official Release, but Texture Pack Voxel Shaders that you will have the chance to install today is even better. It improves everything there is to improve in a game world and it can be applied even by players who are using low-end devices to play.

Features of Textures Voxel Shaders

This wonderful pack was developed to make the gaming world better-looking and more interesting, but the player can turn on or off any of its features in the Settings file.
Below you can see possible enabled and disabled modifications:
Enabled waves
Texture Pack Voxel Shaders 1.14

Disabled waves

Enabled caustic effects

Enabled vignette effect

Enabled sun reflection on different surfaces (grass, water, floors, etc.)

Enabled glowing ores

Enabled 3D mapping

If you want to experiment with all the above-described features, hit the download button below, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
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