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Addon Plants vs Zombies Egypt Formal Update 1.16
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Addon Plants vs Zombies Egypt Formal Update 1.16

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Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular video games nowadays. The idea of this game is to defend the player’s house from zombies using various special plants. Ancient Egypt is one of this game’s levels and now you can enjoy everything featured there in your MCPE world thanks to Addon Plants vs Zombies Egypt Formal Update.

Features of addon Plants vs Zombies Egypt Formal Update

By installing this addon, you will be able to protect yourself and your home from zombies using a big number of dangerous plants.

Available Plants

Lava Guavas. These plants explode if a zombie is too near
Addon Plants vs Zombies Egypt Formal Update 1.16

Wasabi. These plants attack zombies and give them a withering effect

Pea Shooters. As their name suggests, these plants attack zombies using peas

Ice Pea Shooters. These plants are the same as the previous ones, but instead of ordinary peas, they use ice peas to shoot zombies

Fire Pea Shooters. Work like the previous two plants, but using fire peas

Cherry Bombs. Explode when placed near zombies

Potato Mines. These cute potatoes have the same mechanism as ordinary mines

Watermelon Pitchers. They can shoot watermelons towards zombies

Chinese Cabbages. If zombies get too near, they get attacked by these plants

Electric Peas. They can be used to attack zombies with lightning balls

Cacti. These desert plants shoot with thorns and they do it in a very speedy pace

Gloom Shrooms. These plants can be used to attack big groups of zombies

Puff Shrooms. Even if they look so sweet, they attack zombies by shooting spores at them

Fume Shrooms. They attack zombies using poisonous smoke

Goo Peas. These plants shoot poisonous goopeas at zombies

Cat Tails. These cute things can present a danger to zombies, even if they are in the water

Ghost Peppers. They explode when zombies are near. Moreover, they are able to generate vexes

Doom Shrooms. They explode and make really big holes in the ground, thus being very dangerous both to the zombies and to the player

Walnuts. These plants can be used as a protective wall against zombies

Coconut Cannons. These special cannons can attack the tags paced by the player as shown in the pictures below.

Bloomerangs. These plants shoot boomerangs at zombies

Double Peas. The player can use them to double-shoot zombies using peas

Sunflowers. These beautiful flowers generate sun

These are all the plants you can use to attack zombies

Available Zombies

Ordinary Zombies

Barricade Zombies

Barrel Zombies

Brick Zombies

Football Zombies

Mummy Zombies

Barricade Mummies

Barrel Mummies

Pyramid Mummies

Pharaoh Zombies

Egyptian Gargatuars

Egyptian Flag Zombies
Torch Light Zombies
Torch Zombies
Egyptian Rally Zombies

Doctor Egyptian Zomboss

Each following zombie (from the list above) is stronger and more dangerous than the previous one.
To obtain all the above-listed plants and zombies, look in your player’s inventory.
We hope you are ready to have some fun shooting zombies with all the above-described plants. If you are, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions and hit the download button below the article.
If you know other players who might like the present addon, share it with them, and leave feedback.
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