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Addon Spongebob 1.16
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Addon Spongebob 1.16

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Addon Spongebob brings the adorable character from the famous Nickelodeon cartoon into our Bedrock worlds but he does not come alone. Along with the cute sponge, you will have the chance to meet all of his friends and rivals.

Features of addon Spongebob

Before enlisting all the characters brought by this addon, we must tell you that all of them can be spawned through eggs in creative or they will spawn naturally in random biomes.

Available characters:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Squidward Tentacles

  • Patrick Star
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Mister Eugene Krabs
  • Bubble Buddy
  • Kevin Cucumber
  • Handsome Squidward

  • Fish
  • SpongeBob the Goofy Goober
  • Gary

  • Rocky
  • Karen Plankton

All the above-listed characters are passive. SpongeBob’s and Patrick’s pets which are Gary and Rocky can even be tamed. For this, use fish and if you succeed, they will follow you wherever you go.
But besides the good guys, there is also a list of hostile SpongeBob characters brought by this addon:
  • DoodleBob
  • DoodleBob holding a pencil

  • Plankton

  • Robot Plankton
  • Blue Jellyfish
  • Red Jellyfish
  • The Quenn Jellyfish

  • Fodder

  • Hummer
  • Boss Robot SpongeBob
  • SpongeBob Cavernicola
  • Patrick Cavernicola

Thanks to this addon, you can also get some of the most noticeable items from the cartoon:
The Golden Spatula. This item is used in the crafting recipe for obtaining enchanted apples.

Colored Burgers (blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, and green). Each of these burgers have different benefic effects like regeneration and fire resistance.

Patty Car. This cool vehicle can be used both as a transportation means and as a chest

Patty Boat has the same functions as the Patty Car.

Pair of Socks. To obtain the above-described spatula, trade the socks with Patrick

Tikis. These little creatures spawn everywhere and above death, they drop emeralds

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Video Trailer of Addon Spongebob

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