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Addon Insane Universe NPC 1.16
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Addon Insane Universe NPC 1.16

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If you want to share all your Minecraft PE adventures with a friend but don’t have one, don’t despair. Addon Insane Universe NPC brings two kinds of Non Player Characters (NPCs) that can accompany you wherever you go and protect you from your enemies.

Features of addon Insane Universe NPC

Like we already told you, there are two kinds of NPCs brought by this addon: a boy NPC and a girl NPC.
The boy NPC can wear different random clothes and can spawn in almost all the existing biomes. To make him your friend, that is to tame him, give him iron or gold ingots or netherite scarps. If the boy NPC becomes your friend, you can give him swords, tridents, bows, and crossbows. In case your friend gets hurt, you can always heal him with any kind of cooked meat.

The girl NPC has the same features as the boy NPC, but the difference is that to tame her, you should give them either yellow or red flowers or double plants.

You can select your NPC’s skin as shown in the picture below.

Here is an example of how a girl NPC looks in a Medieval skin.

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