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Addon Weavers 1.14
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Addon Weavers 1.14

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The space dragons brought by Addon Weavers are fantastically beautiful dragons coming from the space. These creatures prefer eating dark matter and energy over normal food, and by doing this they are becoming more powerful.

Features of addon Weavers

All the Weavers are divided into species and subspecies but all of them are traveling in space and consuming energy.

The Atmospheric Weaver. Even if this dragon does not grow in size by consuming energy, it looks majestic and is the only creature from this addon that spawns in a natural way. Upon death, this weaver drops energized cells.

The Planetary Weaver has more health hearts and its attack damage is also stronger. By consuming energy, it grows in size and potential power. Upon death, it drops energized cells and cosmic membranes.
The Deep Space Weather. This Weaver is stronger than the previous two. You will meet it less often than the rest of the dragons presented here. Upon death, it drops the same items as the Planetary Weaver.
The Death aka The Destroyer of the World is awfully big and tough, but it was not created for fighting, but for making your world in Creative more interesting. It drops the same things as the previous two weavers.
If you decided that you want to try this addon, you will have to learn how to obtain siphons that will be very helpful for your player:
Gather all the required materials as shown below, type /give @test:energized_cell and throw away the materials

Custom Energy Syphon:
When you obtain all the required materials, take an empty egg, and throw the materials and after type /summon test:basic_syphon. Using this siphon, you can obtain good trades.
Addon Weavers 1.14

Advanced Energy Syphon:
This siphon is even better and gives you more possibilities. Do the same procedure with the empty egg as described above, but type /summon test:adv_syphon.

There are also a few consumables that you can use to obtain benefic effects like survivability (when combined with gold apples, enchanted gold apples, enchanted sword, and enchanted diamond armor), power, resistance and more. You can also use them to trade with the siphons described above.
Energy Shields

Enhancement Chips

If you thought this is all about this interesting addon, let us surprise you with another new dragon-like mob created by humans in order to protect themselves from dangers. This creature is called the Energy Particle-Based Lifeform. It has a health of 1500 and an attack damage of 100. Players can tame this lifeform with Ender Eye but the chances to succeed are rather low. In case you manage to domesticate it, it will give up the idea of killing you but will continue to attack everyone else.

To find out more details and to see all the presented creatures in action, we recommend you watch the video trailer below before clicking on the download button.
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Video Trailer of Addon Weavers

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