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Addon Rings Of The Power 1.14
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Addon Rings Of The Power 1.14

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There are more ways to become healthier, faster, or stronger in Minecraft PE and today we will share a very interesting method with you. Just by wearing a special ring, your damage attack may become stronger than usual or your life points can multiply. These abilities are offered by Addon Rings Of The Power.

How to use addon Rings Of The Power

Before using the magic rings we talked about earlier, you should learn how to craft them. There are three kinds of rings:
The Red Life Ring (see crafting recipe below). This ring adds ten life points when equipped.

Addon Rings Of The Power 1.14

The Blue Attack Ring (see crafting recipe below). The ring adds six attack points, the player’s hit becoming much stronger.

The Grey Speed Ring (see crafting recipe below). The ring helps the player become three times faster than usual.

If you want to obtain these helpful rings, click on the button below the article to download the addon, share it with other MCPE players and leave feedback.
To be able to use the present addons and other interesting mods featured on our website, we recommend you to install one of the latest game versions, for example, Minecraft PE which is the newest one. Have fun!

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