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Addon Security Be Craft 1.14
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Addon Security Be Craft 1.14

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Get ready to craft many elements that will help you secure your property in Minecraft PE. Addon Security Be Craft includes recipes for creating turrets, padlocks, reinforced doors and much more.

Features of addon Security Be Craft

First of all, you will have to craft a security table which will help you craft the rest of the items in this addon. To do this, you will need three irons and four sticks. Install this table by placing it with an armor support and start crafting the rest.
Addon Security Be Craft 1.14

Further, you can craft a block remover. You will need it to remove your own locked chests or turrets. If used on the security table, it will give the player a universal block removal to remove any blocks. To craft the block remover, use scissors and two irons.
You will also have the opportunity to craft padlocks to lock your chests and turrets. To create it, use an iron ingot and a gold ingot.
The block buster is also a very useful item. You will need it to make your blocks more resistant. This way, nobody will be able to break them in survival mode. To use it, place it next to the block you want to reinforce on the crafting table.
You will also discover mines that will explode as soon as an enemy approaches them.
You can also install a reinforced door. To do this, use a padlock. It will open only for you and can be deleted just like any block, using the block remover.
A fire alarm is also a very useful item when it comes to security. To activate it, you will need the padlock again. In case a fire occurs within a radius of ten blocks, it will emit a very strident noise.

To discover the rest of the available security items provided by this addon, hit the download button below the article, share it with other players and leave feedback.
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