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Minecraft PE 1.16.1
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Minecraft PE 1.16.1

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Only several days ago we published an article on Minecraft PE, a very good beta with many useful features. It took less than a week for the MCPE developers to release a new update, that is Minecraft PE 1.16.1 and we will talk about it today.
Minecraft PE 1.16.1 is a full version, so you can finally join all your friends in Realms. The builds created in it will also be more stable so, even if there are not very many new features, you will enjoy it to the max.

List of changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Many players noticed that some items made from Netherite could get lost in the lava. This issue was fixed
  • When you are using controllers to hover over a certain recipe that cannot be crafted, a prompt message will pop up
  • Now you can hover over any recipe ingredient from the crafting input and you will see its tooltip name
  • A crash that could happen whenever the player plays an emote and suspends his/her Minecraft PE game was fixed
  • Another crash affecting the PlayStation 4 users happening when other players are using custom skins was fixed
  • From now on, you won’t be able to equip emotes unless you unlock them
  • The bug related to custom skins used in multiplayer sessions was fixed

If you are ready to try this version, hit the download button below the video version, but don’t forget to share the good news with your friends and to leave feedback.
To always be among the first to find out about the latest game versions, follow our website. Here you can also discover dozens of interesting maps, texture packs, and other articles with free download buttons. Have a great time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.16.1

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