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Addon Flying Carpets And Scorpions 1.13
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Addon Flying Carpets And Scorpions 1.13

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Have you ever wondered what Alladin from The Thousand and One Nights feels when he flies on his magic carpet? Well, now you can experience this by trying Addon Flying Carpets And Scorpions!

How does addon Flying Carpets And Scorpions work

You can get a flying carpet quite easily. All you have to do is hold elytra and interact with a blanketed scorpions. Scorpions can be found in desert oases and hills.

As soon as you interact with the scorpion while holding the elytra, both of them will disappear and you will see a beautiful magic carpet waiting for you to try it. Jump on it and look up to fly. If you want to fly downwards, look down. It’s as easy as this.

In case your flying carpet gets damaged, you can fix it using a string. In case the carpet dies, there is no reason to get upset either. It will drop back your elytra and all you have to do is find another scorpion and repeat the described-above procedure.
If you want to see the carpet in action before hitting the download button, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below.
Important! In order to be able to use the present addon and other free MCPE downloads featured on our website, you should install one of the latest game versions. We recommend you Minecraft PE which is the latest game beta.
To discover other interesting mods, maps, and more, follow us. We guarantee you a very nice Minecraft Bedrock experience. Enjoy!

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