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Addon WorldEdit for Bedrock Edition 1.14
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Addon WorldEdit for Bedrock Edition 1.14

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Addon WorldEdit for Bedrock Edition is a very helpful tool for building. It will help you fill spaces of any size with blocks easily and to get this option, you have to know only a few commands and install it.

Features of addon WorldEdit for Bedrock Edition

To use this addon, you should know several simple commands:
Command /function worldedit/wand. This way you will obtain a fire charge necessary for your further work. You can also find it in your inventory.
Further, you should choose the area where you want to build a wall. Place a block in point A and a block in point B using your fire charge.

After you chose and placed the blocks where you want to fill the area, the fun part begins:
Command /function worldedit/fill. Use this command and the entire area between the chosen blocks will fill like a wall.
If you want to create four walls as for a room, use command /function worldedit/fill-walls
If you want your room to look like an accurate hollow box with all its borders filled, use command /function/worldedit/fill-borders

If you want to create more builds of this kind, you don’t have to bother using all the above-mentioned commands again. All you have to do is paste your ready building with your fire charger, go to the area where you want to place the new one and type command /function/worldedit/clone
If you like building in MCPE, we are sure this addon is real treasures for you, so click on the download button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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