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Addon Dogs 1.14
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Addon Dogs 1.14

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What dog breed is your favorite? Do you like big and mighty Dobermans or perhaps you prefer cute and funny pugs? Addon Dogs has something for every dog person, regardless of his/her preferences.

Features of addon Dogs

This addon brings the following dog breeds:
Mongrels. Initially, these dogs are wild (as a matter of fact, all the dogs brought by this addon are). They come in different colors and look very pretty. When wild, they are neutral mobs attacking skeletons, foxes, and rabbits. The player can domesticate these dogs with bones. When these dogs are tamed, their health increases, but they turn from neutral to passive.

German Shepherds. These fearful animals have the same features as the mongrels but their health is slightly higher, both when they are wild and when they are tamed.

Dachshunds. These dogs have more health than the previous ones and bigger attack damage. When wild, they also attack skeletons, foxes, and rabbits and can be tamed using a bone.

Dobermans. Dobermans are also neutral animals when wild, but they are way more resistant than the rest of the dogs presented here. If they are attacked, they can be very dangerous, but normally they only hunt for skeletons, foxes, and rabbits. If you prefer to adopt one of these dogs, it will protect you from any hostile mobs.

Pugs are very cute. Their features are similar to most of the above-listed dogs, meaning that they are neutral when wild and passive when tamed. While being wild, they also attack skeletons, foxes, and rabbits.

Huskies, regardless of their wild roots, have the same features as all the dogs here (except the Dobermans).

Beagles. These cute and playful buddies are no different from the rest of the dogs in this addon regarding their features.

Golden Retrievers have the same features as the rest of the dogs.

To protect your pet, this addon also includes mouthguards (see picture below).

If you already decided who you will adopt, click on the download button and install the addon.
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