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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The beta released last week, that is Minecraft PE surprised us with a long list of interesting changes, most of them related to the Nether features. Today we have another beta for you to explore. This is Minecraft PE The list is shorter this time we all know that every new update is a step forward towards a smooth and bugless gameplay.

General fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, more crashes were detected. Most of them were occurring due to some graphical-related situations and two more that used to happen whenever the player wanted to buy coins without being signed in into his/her Xbox Live account and when the player has installed a “ZigZag” resource pack installed and wanted to create a new MCPE world. Of course, the developers got rid of these crashes.
Besides this, they carried out the following actions:
  • Fixed the “fancy leaves” option not being displayed properly in the settings
  • Resolved a problem related to the cubemaps not updating correctly in case the player changed the resource pack
  • Resolved an issue making certain fonts to disappear every time the player exits into his/her main menu
  • Resolved the graphical issue that made the players’ usernames flicker above their heads
  • Resolved the graphical problem occurring after the player alternated render distance values. This problem was making chunks flickery.
  • Resolved the problem related to the missing textures being converted periodically. This issue was especially annoying because the player used to get warning messages all the time.
  • Made the /kill command to work normally. Now the summoned NPCs can be killed as usually
  • Set the Mojangles as the main default font in the player’s chat
  • Resolved an issue affecting only certain platforms. The issue was about the thumbnails loading forever in the marketplace
  • Removed the problem preventing the download bar from working normally.

Dear friends, this is all we had to tell you about Minecraft Bedrock If you want to try it, use the button below the video trailer, share the news with your friends, and leave feedback.
Please note that this is not a full version and like always, you will have no access to non-beta players and to Realms while trying it. We also recommend you to make copies of your existing builds in order to avoid losing them when installing the present beta.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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    8 May 2020 12:07
    Nezaman güncelenir
    luis morales
    10 May 2020 19:36
    El mapa no se ve)
    11 May 2020 16:44
    I can't wait for the actual 1.16 release and I want to get my hands on those target blocks that the Java players have in their hotbar
    hi guys hehe
    14 May 2020 14:19
    I cant wait for this mcpe version
    6 June 2020 05:32
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay minnecraft
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