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Addon Leather Healing 1.13
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Addon Leather Healing 1.13

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Our website’s followers already learned how to transform rotten flesh into leather with Addon Rotten Flesh for Leather Furnace. Today we will transform another seemingly useless product, that is zombie meat into leather thanks to Addon Leather Healing.

How does addon Leather Healing work

The steps you will have to follow in order to obtain leather from zombie meat are rather simple:
  1. First, place an iron nugget on your crafting table (picture 1)
  2. Place a needle and a rope next to each other (picture 2)
  3. Place zombie meat in order to get clean meat (picture 3)
  4. Place obtained thread and needle (picture 2) and the clean meat (picture 3) to craft leather (picture 4)
  5. Cook the clean leather in a furnace to obtain ordinary leather (picture 5)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

In addition to the possibility to create leather from zombie meat, you can cook it as shown below by using the clean meat obtained as shown in picture 3
Addon Leather Healing 1.13

Important! Enable Experimental Gameplay!
If you want to try this addon, watch the video trailer, click on the download button and start crafting!
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Video Trailer of Addon Leather Healing

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