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Addon AcidRain 1.13
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Addon AcidRain 1.13

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Our website’s subscribers already had the chance to go through a very big number of dangerous challenges, for example fighting King Ghidorah with Addon Heisei King Ghidorah and running away from hostile animatronics with Addon Five Nights at Candy’s Animatronics, and now it’s the time to pass another bravery test with Addon AcidRain.

How does addon AcidRain work

You probably already figured out how this addon works. When it rains in Minecraft PE, your player will have to hide as soon as possible because instead of water, there will be acid falling from the skies. Moreover, all the water in your world will turn into acid too, so it is not recommendable to have boat drives and to swim while using addon AcidRain.

Don’t think that it is only you who will have to run from the acid rain. It can also affect a lot of mobs, both peaceful and hostile.
Unfortunately, many foods are also affected by the rain, so you might get poisoned after eating them. Some of them are:
  • Apples
  • Golden Apples
  • Beetroots
  • Beetroot soup
  • Cookies
  • Melons
  • Potatoes and baked potatoes
  • Pumpkin pies
  • Carrots

Anyway, don’t get too upset because there is a list of products that are not dangerous to your health. Your player may eat:
  • Cooked and raw beef
  • Cooked and raw chicken
  • Bread
  • Cooked mutton
  • Rabbit stew and cooked rabbit

If you are ready for this mystery rain, download the addon by clicking on the button below the article, show it to your friends and leave feedback.
If you want to explore other interesting mods, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions and many other MCPE-related articles with free download buttons. Have a good time!

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