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Addon Disguise Function Pack 1.13
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Addon Disguise Function Pack 1.13

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There are many function packs in MCPE allowing the player to troll his/her friends, for example Addon Ultra Function Pack. Today we will have the chance to expand the possibilities to prank your friends with Addon Disguise Function Pack. The pack will allow you to disguise in different MCPE mobs and act like them, but without bringing any damage to the others.

How does addon Disguise Function Pack work

Since this is a function pack, you will have to use some functions to see all the addon’s possibilities. Everything is very simple. Type /function disguise/mob, for example,/function disguise/creeper and your player will start looking like a real one.
At the end of the article, you will see an additional download button. This is another version of the same addon, but it includes more mobs you can turn into and is also smoother than the first one. For this version which is more advanced, you will have to use two additional functions before typing the one you already know about. First, type /function dg/setup and after getting a repeating command block, place it and type /function dg/core. Further, follow the steps described for the coreless version.
We must warn you that if you play in survival mode and choose to disguise into a rideable entity, do never try to ride it, even if you are very curious about what might happen.
To disable your disguise, use /function disguise/off.

As you can see, the addon is as easy to use as possible, but it offers a lot of possibilities to make fun of your friends. To download it, choose the suitable version for you and push the button below the article.
If you liked the idea of this addon, do share it with your buddies and leave feedback.
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Have fun!

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