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Addon Swamp Boat 1.13
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Addon Swamp Boat 1.13

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Addon Swamp Boat adds boats carrying chests in your Minecraft PE world. The player can use them to travel or to keep items in the chest or in the spare place in the boat.

Features of addon Swamp Boat

The boats with attached chest, as the name of the addon suggests, spawn in Swamp biomes in a natural way, but you can also get one by using the /summon minecraft: boat ~ ~ ~swamp_boat command.
The chests on these boats drop items that can be collected by the player sometimes. In case a boat is destroyed, it drops a single oak.
Because the chest takes one place in the boat, there is only one sit left for the player or for any other mob. The player can use such a boat not only to get from point A to point B, but also to to carry different items.

If you are interested in this addon, click on the download button below, share it with your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
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