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Addon Ore Creepers 1.11
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Addon Ore Creepers 1.11

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Addon Ore Creepers introduces eight different Creepers to your Minecraft world. Caves are generally creepy places to visit, but now they are even more dangerous because of the new creepers spawning inside them.

Features of addon Ore Creepers

All the added Ore Creepers are very strong. Most of them have the power to impose the effect of mining fatigue for a different time (depending on the Creeper). The Quartz one has a different power: it can impose the effect of blindness. One more thing that differentiates the Quartz Creeper from the rest of the Ore Creepers is that it spawns in the Nether, not in caves.
Now, let us meet our new enemies:
The Coal Ore Creeper

The Iron Ore Creeper

The Gold Ore Creeper

The Diamond Ore Creeper

The Redstone Ore Creeper

The Emerald Ore Creeper

The Quartz Ore Creeper

The Lapis Ore Creeper

Note: Addon Ore Creepers is available only for Minecraft PE 1.11 and later versions.
If you are curious about meeting the new Creepers, download the addon by clicking on the resource and behavior buttons below the article, share with your Minecraft friends and leave feedback.
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