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Addon O’ Foods 1.11
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Addon O’ Foods 1.11

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Addon O’ Foods allows you to try more new interesting dishes right from your comfortable gaming chair. New tastes, delicious spices, unusual desserts, all of it awaits you after downloading this addon don’t miss the opportunity to try all these new types of food and make your friends also do it!

Features of addon O’ Foods

New unusual apples, made of diamonds and emeralds will make you feel better and give some interesting effects. Delicious hamburgers and cheeseburgers won’t let you get hungry on a long journey.
Download addon O’ Foods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11 for Android

The best chocolate and sweet cakes will make any party become more interesting and hot. Bacon for the breakfast, candies for your best friends and many other great foods.
Download addon O’ Foods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11 for Android which is ready to feed any biggest party so hurry up and try it with yourself! Have fun with new Maps , Skins, Seeds and Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.11 together with friends and enjoy playing.

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    the french guy
    12 June 2019 18:42
    hello im on 1.11.4 minecraft bedrock edtion version on pc (windows10) and its not working please if you can help me
    Dumb Person
    11 August 2019 02:08
    How do you make cheeseburger and chickenburgers?
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