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As the working week is coming to its end and we want our subscribers to have a very pleasant weekend, we present you the brand new beta version of our favorite game: Minecraft!
Before we start talking about the changes this Minecraft version has to offer, we must remind you to back up your worlds first since it is a well-known fact that beta versions are not quite stable and you risk losing all the done work.
Also, remember that you will have no access to the Realms and to other players who use a non-beta version of MCPE.
Note that the finished releases might not include all of the new changes and fixes, but don’t worry. If this is the case, they will surely be transferred to a future release.
Now that we are done with the preventions and rules, we can get to the changes. There are just a few fixes, but they are very important because they improve the game quality.

Fixes in Minecraft beta version

  • The usage of the target selector has been improved.
  • Villagers wandering on a regular basis in case there are no villages around have been fixed.
  • After finishing a custom multiplayer game, you can enjoy a local multiplayer game between Switch devices.
  • The crash occurring immediately after players open their skin picker has been fixed.
  • The village surroundings have been subject to great optimization work.

We are sure that you want to try the Minecraft beta as soon as possible, so we won’t keep you. Download it by clicking the button below and hurry to inform your friends about the good news. Your feedback regarding the new beta version of the game is very important to us.
If you want and/or need other Minecraft PE versions, you can find them on our website. The downloads go with all the necessary information in regards to the certain version of the game.
Here you will also find dozens of new maps, mods, texture packs and skins. Have a great time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft

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