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Addon Merging Items 1.14
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Addon Merging Items 1.14

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These days all players are busy exploring the awesome second beta of the upcoming Wild Update, namely Minecraft PE There are a lot of changes and a new kind of compass to discover, so it is understandable they have no time left for anything else. In any case, when you are more or less free, we invite you to check a very cool addon called Addon Merging Items. It offers the possibility to combine more items and obtain a single, but better one. The list of obtainable merging items is really amazing.

Features of addon Merging Items

As we already mentioned, the list of available items is very long, so we will enlist only some of them. To discover them all, you should install the addon, but the video below this article can also give you several additional hints.
  • Mining Helmets
  • Night Pickaxes
  • Nothing Projectiles
  • Nothing Ores
  • Lifesteal Projectiles
  • Creeper Totems
  • Very Rotten Fish
  • Sunscreens
  • Netherite TNTs
  • Air Potions
  • Void Potions
  • Ocean Nether Saplings
  • Inevitable Torches
  • Pizzas
  • Stone Bushes

The addon creator also added a couple of new biomes, so if any of the required ingredients for crafting merged items do not seem familiar to you, you will probably find them in these new places.
Each of these merged items is absolutely fantastic. They will give you totally unexpected effects and we are sure you will have a lot of fun by experimenting with them.
Take a look at the screenshots below to see how some of these items look.
Addon Merging Items 1.14

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Video Trailer of Addon Merging Items

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