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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We bet that after exploring Minecraft PE released last week which was the first beta version of the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.19 update, you started wondering what will the next release bring. Well, it is time to find out because Minecraft PE is already available for download.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

One of the greatest news brought by this beta is a totally new option called the Spectator Mode. The game developers introduced it since many users were really interested in trying it, but for now, it is only a pilot project and it still has to be worked on. Most probably it will be included as an experimental feature in a future version.
Other cool features that have been developed this week are:
  • The Recovery Compasses. These new kinds of compasses are very hard to obtain because they should be crafted using a very special ingredient (Echo Shard) hidden in Ancient Cities and, as you know, these structures are very well guarded. Anyway, if you succeed to obtain the shards and make them, they will show you the exact spot where your player died the last time. In case you are in a different dimension than the one your player died in, the compass will spin. Besides the echo shards (they will be introduced in the following game update), you will need normal compasses to craft the new ones.
    Minecraft PE

  • Sculk Shriekers. This feature has been subject to some updates. Their shrieking particles have been tweaked. Now they do not activate by using redstone. Now, if you choose to walk or run away from it while it shrieks, this won’t stop the Warden from appearing. Its threat level was also modified and now it presents an extra challenge to the player.
  • The Warden has suffered several modifications too. Now he has a new special animation playing when he gets hurt. When angry, he will prefer to attack players rather than mobs. His sniffing range was expanded and his behavior when he gets suspect of someone’s presence was improved. Now, if you spawn one of these mobs while playing in creative, you don’t risk getting the darkness effect.
  • Frogspawns and Froglights. You will notice them making new sounds.
  • Reinforced Deepslates. From now on, you cannot use pistons to move them.
  • The Mangrove Swamps. Their generation had to be slightly modified.
  • Allays. Now, this cute mob can regenerate 2 health points per second. The Minecraft PE developers also fixed a crash happening when they were flying after their owner and another player attempted to take away the item held by it.
  • Boats with Chests. Now this feature (from the Mangrove) is craftable.
  • Mud Bricks. When crafting them, you will obtain four bricks at once.
  • Touch Controls. Now you can use the touch controls to modify the hotbar item slot when you are inside a boat.
  • Goat Horns. We must remind you that this feature is still experimental. Now the horns make instant sounds and you will discover more variations around pillager outposts.

  • Copper Goat Horns. Unfortunately, this feature deleted and you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore.
  • Create New World Screen. Some of its buttons had to be fixed because they did not work correctly.
  • Graphics. If you play in creative and you are standing in a lava cauldron, the fire animation won’t flicker like it used to before this beta.

Besides everything we have enlisted above, you may also notice that several bugs affecting the brewing process, gravity-affected blocks, and the way slabs are placed in the world have been fixed.
Like they often do, the developers also made several technical updates.
Dear friends, we consider this beta to be a very important one since it brings so many major changes and new features, so please let your friends know about its release too. To inform them about it, you can just share this article. We are also curious to find out what you think about the update, so your feedback is welcome.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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