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Addon Blood Moon Zombie Apocalypse 1.17
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Addon Blood Moon Zombie Apocalypse 1.17

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If you already have installed Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 or a newer game version, nothing can stand between you and the horde of zombies that you can invite into your gaming world by installing Addon Blood Moon Zombie Apocalypse.

How does addon Blood Moon Zombie Apocalypse work

Your decision to install this addon will trigger a unique phenomenon. In your first night in survival, a huge horde of zombies will generate in your world and all of them will be very thirsty for your blood. After seven days, this phenomenon will occur again.
Addon Blood Moon Zombie Apocalypse 1.17

Because facing all these zombies leads you to an almost absolutely guaranteed death, the addon creator decided to introduce a little helper in the figure of a Nightmare Wandering Trader. Look for him in the witch's house during nighttime and offer him rotten meat. The things that he will give you back may help you in your fight against the crazy number of zombies.

If you want to try this addon, click on the download button below, share the article with other courageous Bedrock users, and leave feedback.
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