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Addon RoadSigns+ 1.17
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Addon RoadSigns+ 1.17

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Traveling, especially by car, is very cool, even if you do this in your Bedrock world and thanks to Addon RoadSigns+ you can make your journey more interesting because it brings many road signs, fuel stations, and even sponsor banners to make the atmosphere more realistic if you want to race with your friends.

How does addon RoadSigns+ work

This addon brings the following items:
  • Thirty-two different road signs
    Addon RoadSigns+ 1.17

  • Four kinds of guardrails
  • Thirty-four kinds of racing sponsor banners

  • Nineteen kinds of fuel pumps

  • One EV charger
  • One iron fence
  • One street lamp
  • One cone

Because this addon requires enabling the Experimental Features, getting all the above-listed things is not as easy as we would like them to be, but there are several ways to do that and they are:
  • Crafting an IBM 5150 Personal computer as shown in the first picture below and trading with it. The computer accepts emeralds and diamonds. All the items are categorized so using the PC is very easy. Your only concern should be about how to gain more precious stones.

  • Using commands. To obtain an entire category of items, for example, road signs, you should type command/ function roadsigns_set. Replace the word “roadsigns” with any other category you want to obtain as shown in the picture below.

Below you can see several screenshots of a Bedrock world where this addon was applied.

Because we talked about roads, we feel that is our duty to recommend you several addons that bring different kinds of vehicles for you to drive. In our opinion, some of the best are:

And now it is time to hit the road! Please don’t forget to turn on the experimental features as shown in the picture below. To download the addon we described above, click on the button below the article.
For more MCPE-related articles with free download buttons, visit our website. Don’t miss the one about Minecraft PE because this is the latest beta and we are sure that the features it brings will interest you. Have fun!

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