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Addon Asian Ghost 1.16.220
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Addon Asian Ghost 1.16.220

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Our subscribers had the chance to meet many scary creatures, for example those brought by Addon Keplerians Horror or by Addon Improved Zombies. Today we invite you to try something different but not less scary. This is Addon Asian Ghost and it features ten characters inspired by the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Asian urban legends.

Features of addon Asian Ghost

Below you can see all the ghosts you will meet by installing this addon:
  • Preta
    Addon Asian Ghost 1.16.220

  • Jiangshi

  • Okiku

  • Genderuwo

  • Hachishaku-sama

  • Penanggal

  • Pocong

  • Toyol

  • Sundel Bolong

  • Pontianak

Behind each of these ghost there is a very interesting Asian urban legend. To make the experience even more interesting, we recommend you search for information about them. We must also mention that each of the above listed mobs have individual experience, health, attack damage, and speed indicators. The most dangerous one is Genderuwo. He has the strongest attack damage, but he is not too fast, while the fastest ghost is Penanggal, but this is not a surprise because it represents a head with internal organs attached to it and because it has no feet, it flies.
Dear friends, if you want to see all these creatures in action and learn more details about them before downloading the addon, watch the video trailer below.
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Video of Addon Asian Ghost

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