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Addon Placeable Particles 1.17
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Addon Placeable Particles 1.17

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Addon Placeable Particles brings five different kinds of particles to Minecraft Bedrock and they can be placed anywhere on maps or on builds.

Features of addon Placeable Particles

As we already mentioned, there are five kinds of particles. These are:
  • The Poof Particle
    Addon Placeable Particles 1.17

  • The Fire Particle

  • The Ender Particle

  • The Bonemeal Particle

  • The Totem Particle

To get all of them, you should use command /function getallparticles

These particles can also be removed if required or if you change your mind about their location. To do this, you should hold the particle remover (see picture below) and press tame (or right-click if you are using a mouse) on the article you are planning to remove.

If you want to install this addon, you must make sure you are using one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.17). When you are ready, click on the download buttons below this article and install it as you would with any other addon.
For other fresh mods and a lot more, visit our website. We also recommend you check the article about Minecraft PE, this being the most recent beta. Have fun!

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