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Addon More Mob Totems: Aggressive Update! 1.16.221
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Addon More Mob Totems: Aggressive Update! 1.16.221

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Nobody wants to die, but now, thanks to Addon More Mob Totems: Aggressive Update!, you have even more reasons to enjoy life! In addition to the custom Totem of undying, you will get the chance to use more than forty new ones. Like in the case of the traditional totem, they will all help you avoid death. Moreover, all of them offer absorption, resistance, and regeneration effects in addition to other specific effects characterizing each new totem individually.

Features of addon More Mob Totems: Aggressive Update!

By installing this addon, you will get totems of undying by killing the following mobs:
  • Humans (players)
    Addon More Mob Totems: Aggressive Update! 1.16.221

  • Zombies

  • Husks

  • Drowned

  • Normal and Wither Skeletons

  • Strays

  • Creepers

  • Slimes

  • Silverfish

  • Normal and Elder Guardians

  • Blazes

  • Magma cubes

  • Ghasts

  • Piglin brutes

  • Hoglins

  • Zoglins

  • Endermites

  • Phantoms

  • Shulkers

  • Vexes

  • Witches

  • Pillagers

  • Vindicators

  • Evokers

  • Ravagers

  • Normal and cave spiders

  • Piglins

  • Zombie piglins

  • Iron golems

  • Endermen

  • Ender dragons

  • Withers

Like we already mentioned, together with the ability to avoid death, resistance, absorption, and regeneration, you will get a lot of other benefits from these totems. For example, the human totems offer a brand new iron armor set and a new sword. Some of the totems also offer additional effects, for example, slow falling, jump boosts, and fire resistance. The more hostile is the mob you should kill for the totem, the better is the reward.
In a recent update, the addon creator introduced five new totems that can be crafted:
  • The Emerald Slime

  • The Diamond Creeper

  • The Netherite Piglin

  • The Redstone Ender Dragon

  • The Reinforced Iron Golem

These totems are even cooler and offer even more benefits.
If you don’t have the time to fight mobs, you can get all the above-listed totems by using command /function give_totems.
If you want to download this addon, click on the free buttons below the article but please, make sure you already installed one of the latest game versions first. The earliest one suitable for it is Minecraft PE 1.16.221. Also, enable the toggles as displayed below.

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