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Addon Fire and Blood 1.16.200
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Addon Fire and Blood 1.16.200

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Minecraft PE 1.17.0 aka the Caves and Cliffs Update brought us new mobs in addition to the ones we got used to. This way we had the chance to meet the glow squid, the axolotl, the goat, etc. We hope that you will find some spare place in your gaming world to welcome five new ones that are generously offered by Addon Fire and Blood.

Features of addon Fire and Blood

Just install this addon and you will make your gaming world more interesting by meeting the following new mobs:
The Dragon. This mighty beautiful creature spawns in extreme hills. Its behavior is quite unpredictable. It may attack the player or it can ignore it and continue flying around the mountains. If you want to, you can try and kill it while it is in the air by shooting projectiles, for example, arrows.
Addon Fire and Blood 1.16.200

Upon death, it drops its bones and eggs, but don’t hurry to celebrate because first, it will try to protect itself by shooting fireballs and producing melee attacks at you.
The Dragon’s dropped egg can be used in the following way: place it anywhere and wait for it to hatch. This will take approximately twenty minutes. When this happens, you can collect the broken parts of the egg and craft bone powder.

If you are a peaceful person and do not want to kill the dragon, you can tame it by feeding it with fish stew (see description below). The baby dragon will grow if you will feed it with fish, fish stew, or meat. If required, you can cure your wounded pet with the same foods (except fish stew). Unfortunately, tamed dragons cannot fly, but you can ride them.
The Mountain Goat. Even if they look a lot like the goats introduced in Minecraft PE 1.17, you will notice several changes. They also spawn in extreme hills. There are two types of goats: white and brown. Unlike the custom Minecraft PE goats, these ones are bigger in size and do not give milk. These animals can be tamed by giving them hay bales. When tamed, you can ride the goats in the same way as the dragons. Upon death, they drop wool and meat.

The Cockatrice. This crazy-looking bird is aggressive and attacks players on sight. If you are patient and kind enough, you will be able to tame it with wheat. You can also breed these birds by giving them seeds. When tamed, the cockatrice will follow you and protect you from other hostile mobs. Upon death, it drops chicken and feathers.

The Draugr. According to the legend, draugrs are undead warriors that returned to this planet for revenge. They spawn equipped with armor, swords, and silver axes. The draugrs are hostile towards the cockatrices and goblins (see description below). Upon death, these mobs drop their equipment and draugr bones.

The Goblin. This is the last mob brought by this addon. It spawns in the taiga biome and has a neutral behavior. If you succeed to tame a goblin with fried chicken, you can dress it up with a turtle shell. When tamed, simple goblins transform into farmer goblins and will sow seeds. They will pick up the harvest and keep it in their backpacks but you can extract and use it whenever you want to. Upon death, goblins drop their equipment and bones.


Feather. This feather that is dropped by the cockatrice upon death is called Hidromiel.

Draugr sword and silver axe. These items are dropped by draugrs upon death. These weapons can be enchanted.

Honey cube. This item can be used to prepare delicious mead.

Mail coat. This item can be used to craft Viking armor.

Turtle backpack. This item can be equipped on goblins or used as a chest plate that will protect you from attacks.

Hidromiel. This drink can be obtained by fermenting honey. Consume it to obtain absorption and resistance effects.

Barrel. You will need the barrel to prepare mead. First, fill it up using water bottles. After this, continue filling it with honey buckets until it turns pink. Ferment this liquid by placing a cockatrice feather in it. The liquid must turn red. When the drink is ready, you can collect it in jars.

Jar. You will need this kind of jar to collect the above-mentioned mead.

Note: To be able to enjoy this awesome addon, you must install Minecraft PE 1.16.200 or a newer game version and enable the toggles as shown in the picture below.

If you are ready, download the addon using the free button below this article, share it with other Minecraft PE fans, and leave feedback.
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