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Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.16.201
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Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.16.201

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Addon Terracotta Expansion is much more than its name suggests. Its creator decided that several existing biomes can be improved by adding new blocks, mobs, and other features.

Features of addon Terracotta Expansion

By installing this addon, you will discover that some existent biomes are much better and that there are also a few new places to visit, so, you will get the chance to explore:
  • The Maple Forest. This place is full of beautiful maple trees.
    Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.16.201

    Here the player can obtain maple sap from stripped maple logs (cut them using an axe). Right-click on the log with a bottle to obtain the sap and after, place it in a furnace to transform it into syrup. The obtained syrup can be used as the main ingredient for cooking yummy pancakes (see recipe below)

    In the Maple Forest you may also meet deer. These animals are pretty coward, but you can try breeding them using apples or sweet berries.

    Sometimes deer may transform into their zombie variants. Upon death, they drop beef and/or leather.

  • The Cherry Blossom Biome is a beautiful new place to explore. By visiting it you will get the chance to admire beautiful cherry blossom trees and a mob: the red panda. This cute little creature can be fed and bred using cherries and cherry tree leaves.

  • A better Swamp Biome. This biome is much more interesting to explore thanks to this biome.

    One of its distinctive features is the cattail which is a crop that drops cattail seeds. These seeds can be planted or used as ingredients in crafting strings.

    Wolffia is another plant growing here and you can cut it off using shears, but we do not recommend you to eat it because it gives the player hunger and poison effects.
    Here you will also meet two new kinds of mobs: Frogs (breed them with termites. Upon death they drop frog legs) and Crocodiles that are hostile. You can try to breed them with frog eggs, but the chances you succeed are minimal. Upon death, they drop scales that can be used to craft pants as shown in the third picture below.

  • A better Mesa Biome. The author added several new plants to this biome, but the most important features are the following mobs:
    Vultures. These mighty birds are aggressive towards phantoms and undead mobs. Upon death, they can drop feathers, bones, or rotten flesh.
    Hyenas. These animals are neutral and attack only animals like deer, sheep, etc. You can try to breed them using mutton, beef, or rotten flesh.

  • A better Savanna Biome. Here you will also discover new mobs:
    Termites. They can be used as food to breed other mobs brought by this addon. The player can cook and consume them too. To breed termites, use sawdust. The sawdust is dropped by these creatures after they eat wood.

    Elephants. The player can saddle them and give them chests to carry. Fruits and vegetables are the elephant’s favorite foods. Use these products to make them breed. Upon death, these grand mobs drop leather.

As a bonus, you will also meet one more new mob spawning in caves. This is Agouti. You can make them breed using termites or leaves. Be careful with your crops because these animals like breaking them. Upon death, agoutis can drop rabbit meat.

Dear players, to be able to enjoy this addon, you should install Minecraft PE 1.16.201 or any of the other later game versions and click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons below this article.
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